Galoshans Festival 2016
Galoshans Festival 2016

About Galoshans

We are delighted to be back for 2016 with a festival bursting with events for all ages, featuring the best of local & international arts and entertainment.

Halloween is the time of the year when the fabric between this world and the next is so thin that it is possible for mortals to travel between them, and for Galoshans Festival, UZ Arts have invited artists to collaborate with communities and create work that looks at what happens when two worlds touch.

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What is Galoshans?

Galoshans was a piece of folk theatre performed in many parts of Scotland, where the men of the town would dress up and chap on the doors of the houses to perform their story of death and resurrect ion, and they would be rewarded with sweets and fruits or perhaps money and a wee dram.

Hallowe’en; the time when it was said a spirit could pass from the world of the dead to the world of the living, was a particularly important time for the play to be performed. In most places this tradition became known as 'guising' or 'trick or treating', but in Inverclyde, the word Galoshans never really left. Long after the tradition of performing the play died out, local children would dress-up on Halloween and 'Go Galoshans'.


Programme & Map

Check out our online programme to see all the amazing events involved, and use our handy map to plan your visit:

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Galoshans Parade

Two Worlds Hallowe’en Parade
Saturday 29th October | 5pm
Leaves Beacon Arts Centre (arriving at Cathcart Square)

Bring your friends and family and get dressed up for our ghoulish Hallowe’en Parade. Look out for strange characters and happenings along the route devised by Branchton Community Centre and Kelburn Community Action Group. Dance to creepy carnival tunes provided by Brass, Aye?, Orkestra Del Sol and students from Ardgowan and St Patrick’s Primary Schools.

There will be prizes available for best groups and best wee guisers!
All under 16s should be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to register in advance?

There is no need for individuals, families & small groups to register—just turn up by 5pm and join in.

Costumes, glow sticks etc are all optional but welcome, and all wee guisers who get involved will automatically be considered for prizes!

Group Registration

Community groups, sports teams, Scouts, Brownies, groups of friends or colleagues etc are all eligible.
All Groups must provide 1 parade marshal per 10 group members. Marshals must wear a hi-vis vest over costume (provided) and you must be willing to take part in a short safety briefing. Register your dressed-up group of 6 or more, to be considered for the accolade of Best Group:

Register Here

Two Worlds Costume Box

RIG Arts
4.15–5pm | FREE
Beacon Arts Centre

No costume? No problem!
Borrow a selection of masks and props created especially for the parade.


Moving Out: Symposium 'Making it'
Friday 28th October | 9.30am–5pm Beacon Arts Centre

The Moving Out: Symposium returns with presentations by artists from Europe and Scotland on how they realise their artistic vision. The day will include a presentation by Angus Farquhar of public art organiation NVA as well as workshops on artistic collaboration and creating work for international touring artists, performers, producers and the public are all welcome.

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UZ Arts is an international arts organisation based in Glasgow. Specialising in developing and producing festivals and large-scale artistic events, their work includes Big in Falkirk and, more recently, the International launch of the Kelpies in Falkirk and the John Muir Festival 2014.

UZ Arts have developed this festival with the Inverclyde Place Partnership and The Beacon Arts Centre. It is anticipated that the festival will be developed year on year to re-establish Galoshans as an annual event in Inverclyde.

IN SITU is a European membership network of producers and directors whose aim is to create artistic collaborations and projects in public space across Europe. It's members co-produce work which is then able tour the network, providing audiences in Europe with access to some of the most exciting and innovative work of its type.

With 19 members across 13 countries it is one of the most successful European artistic networks, bringing artists and audiences together for over 12 years.

UZ Arts is one of the founding members of the network and has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the ever-developing projects. IN SITU is funded by the European Commission, and UZ Arts’ membership is supported by Creative Scotland.

For enquiries & further information, please email:

UZ Arts
228-230 The Briggait
141 Bridgegate
Glasgow, G1 5HZ

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